Our Beginnings

A professor, an entrepreneurial mother, and an engineer got together one typical afternoon.

The professor served the coffee with a new found product. Instead of white sugar or artificial sweetener, he offered them a natural alternative — a sweetener extracted from the coconut tree. It tasted so good, their conversation reached an all time sweetened high to churn something up!

The professor went to Mindanao and, on a handshake, began paving the way for a long-term livelihood program for the Filipino farming community.



In Manila, the wheels churned to come up with the proper packaging that will ensure that the sweetener, being 100% all-natural, will reach consumers as fresh as it was the day it was carefully packed.

Two years later, Suchero was born.

Providing a Healthier Alternative for the World!

The Churner Group is one of the first to offer a low glycemic all-natural sweetener from coconut sap – Suchero. With its office based in the Philippines and pursuing business in several countries all around the globe, The Churner Group is providing an affordable, healthy sugar alternative that is good for the whole family, and can help in the proper management of diabetes, weight control, and the prevention of heart disease and obesity.

We trace the beginnings of The Churner Group to the year 2005 when three of the major stockholders’ paths crossed while they were involved in the production of their own brands of Virgin Coconut Oil – a healthy all natural oil derived from the coconut tree. They decided to put their resources, expertise and strengths together, and with their passion to provide healthier alternatives for the Filipinos, and the world, led to the birth of an all natural low GI sweetener.
The Churner Group, incorporated in May 2008 is involved in the production, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales of the low glycemic all natural sugar substitute – Suchero. Its principal office at Richville Corporate Tower located in the heart of Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City provides its staff and management a clean green healthy environment. Muntinlupa City located on the south end of Metro Manila, became the first major urban centre in the Philippines to ban the use of plastic bags and polystyrene containers.
Today, The Churner Group represents tremendous growth and opportunity to meet current trends of choosing a healthy lifestyle and quality diet. The company is developing and marketing new and exciting products every year. We are working in partnership with several food producers, as packaged food manufacturers move towards the use of Suchero for their new products.

Research, Development & Quality Assurance

The Churner Group puts a lot of weight on Research, Development and Quality Control. From the selection of coconut trees right through to the final packaging of Suchero, we spend our time and resources to achieve quality at every stage. Our aim is to provide the market a 100 percent all natural sweetener that will meet the highest international standards. So we take pride in our purposely built modern facilities and techniques to extract the best and purest coconut sap to produce Suchero.

The Churner Group guarantees that Suchero will reach its consumers as pure and as fresh as the day it was packed. You can count on Suchero for its quality and purity.

Our Certifications of Quality

"Suchero Natural Sweetener was produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, do not contain genetically modified organisms, and are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives."

− USDA and EC Organic Certification

"Suchero Natural Sweetener conforms to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework, kosher meaning fit or allowed to be eaten."

− Kosher Certification

"Suchero Natural Sweetener is a food that is permitted under the Shariah (Islamic) Law and fulfills the following conditions; it does not contain any component or raw materials from animals that is not Halal, does not contain any ingredient that is considered haram or najis; and during its preparation, processing or manufacturing, the tolls or equipments used must not be contaminated by products with ingredients which are considered haram or najis."

− Halal Certification

"The processes involved in the production of Suchero is done in a systematic and preventive approach to prevent biological, chemical and physical hazards to ensure that the finished product is safe to use by consumers."

What People Say About Suchero

"I love to try new products in the market, especially natural and organic products. I believe that a healthy body starts with eating healthy foods,. Since I was introduced to Suchero 2 years ago, I have been using it to sweeten all kinds of foods and drinks – from breakfast cereals, oatmeal, snacks, desserts, to my coffee and other beverages. With a low glycemic index, I believe it’s the healthiest sugar there is."

− Jing Linde - Mother of 2, Vancouver Canada

"We are surrounded with processed food, synthetic substances and artificial products. No wonder there are so many cases of cancer and diseases than ever before. There is a need to find natural and organic products that are healthy and helpful to consumers. Suchero from the Philippines convinced me that sugar can be healthy and sweet at the same time."

− Robert Wooler - Father of 2, Auckland New Zealand

"Suchero is one of the basic ingredients why we are able to claim that our “sweetypies” baked goodies are made healthier."

− Gina Yambot - Chef, Amara Café

"I am a fan and advocate of Suchero. When I started using it a year ago, I noticed that it tasted good and was reasonably priced. In addition, it offered so many health benefits. I have gotten into the habit of stuffing Suchero sachets into my purse on a daily basis. In coffee shops and restaurants, I avoid being subjected to using artificial sweeteners with a bitter after-taste on my coffee. Every time I pull out my Suchero sachets, nevertheless, my companions never fail to ask me about it. Because they invariably want to try it themselves, I end up bringing extra packs to share with others."

− Berry Marfori - Entrepreneur, Mother of 4

"Suchero is a natural sweetener that is 100% natural and organic, I love it’s fine texture and flavor, perfect with puto bumbong."

− Vivian Madrigal - Grandmother of 4

"Considering the pleasant taste and healthy benefits I can derive from Suchero, I am now using this sugar substitute more often than the regular table sugar, white or brown."

− Malou Ganal - Food Technologist, Ewa Beach Hawaii USA

"Vicky-Rose Pacheco is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Chef of Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants. Descended from a long line of distinguished food connoisseurs, she has created the mouth-watering menus of Chateau 1771, Sidebar Café, Sentro 1771 and Café 1771. Together with CEO and partner Ricky Gutierrez, Chef Vicky-Rose led the Chateau 1771 Group as it paved its way to success over the past 23 years. A constant student of life, Chef Vicky-Rose loves reading, traveling, attending lectures and seminars, practicing flower arrangement and marketing."

− Vicky-Rose Pacheco - Executive Chef, Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants

"Together with cousin Tanya Pico, Lindy started LowCal Café Co. to provide a healthier line of dessert recipes with are low calorie treats and using only quality sweeteners. Their aim is to produce quality food thatprovides comfort and satisfaction but need not be sinful to be enjoyed."

− Lindy Post-Santiago - LowCal Café Company, Paranaque

"Chef Mervyn Whitfield settled in Manila in 1991 bringing with him his brand of Mediterranean cuisine, having an Italian mother and British father. He is a columnist for Cook Magazine and judges in local competitions like “Chefs on Parade”."

− Mervyn Whitfield - Chef, Piccolo Mondo Restaurant Alabang